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Civil Rights, Attorney Misconduct and Election Law

Civil Rights, Attorney Misconduct and Election Violation Cases in Little Rock

Attorney applies broad base of legal knowledge to array of problems

Jeff Rosenzweig’s reputation and history of strong client relationships have spurred the expansion of his practice to encompass several unique and important areas.

Attorney misconduct

Attorney Rosenzweig is the lawyer other lawyers seek to have represent them in contempt and ethics issues. He has represented nearly 200 attorneys in investigations and disciplinary actions by the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct for alleged misconduct under the state Rules of Professional Conduct.

He promotes clients’ interests before and after a disciplinary action is filed. In the event misconduct is found, he seeks lesser sanctions and, when warranted, appeals committee disciplinary decisions to the state Supreme Court.

Jeff Rosenzweig represented two members serving on the Committee on Professional Conduct and two sitting members of the State Court of Appeals before they became judges.

Civil rights claims

Attorney Rosenzweig is committed to protecting the rights of people harmed by police and official misconduct.

Federal, state and local law enforcement authorities have a responsibility to protect the safety and the rights of suspects and civilians. When they abandon that responsibility, either intentionally or negligently, Attorney Rosenzweig helps hold them accountable.

He understands the complex constitutional issues and state and federal laws that protect people’s freedoms and guarantee equal and proper treatment. He has the knowledge and experience to determine whether the facts of a case warrant pursuit of a claim.

He investigates police and prison misconduct cases involving:

  • Beatings
  • Chokings
  • Discrimination
  • Excessive force
  • Improper restraint
  • Inadequate jail supervision
  • Unjustified shootings
  • Unnecessary roughness
  • Victimization
  • Wrongful incarceration
  • Wrongful or false arrests


Election law

Attorney Rosenzweig has the skills required to help candidates, government officials, lobbying organizations and law firms adhere to federal, state and local election laws and to pursue actions against those who thwart these laws.

His work includes representation of clients facing audits, investigations and litigation arising from political activities. He also handles challenges of election results.

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